A nutrition guide and cookbook for plant-based training and running.


"Excellently researched and written, with all the key elements of nutritional information required for not just vegan runners but for all vegan athletes"


Neil Robinson - Vegan Ex Professional Footballer



Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) diets are better for you!



There are an abundance of scientifically supported health benefits and protective effects for following a WFPB diet. These incude protection against most of the Western World's major risk factors for premature death.



Vegan numbers are on the rise


A recent MORI poll undertaken for the Vegan Society highlighted a three-fold increase in vegans in the UK since 2006.



Save the planet



WFPB diets are more sustainable than diets based around animal products as they use fewer natural resources and cause less environmental damage.


Even when compared to the Mediterranean diet, which is often cited as one of the healthiest diets in the world, a vegan diet has been shown to have a higher nutritional quality, lower Global warming potential and to be more sustainable.


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80 Quick and easy recipes 4 plant-based training and running!

Use It Up Meals!


Includes a section of recipes designed to use up all your leftover vegetables at the end of each week. A selection of tasty recipes to ensure no vegetables ever need to go to waste!

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Plant-based nutrition guide


Includes a myth busting plant-based nutrition guide which looks at the scientific evidence relating to a WFPB diet and training and running.


The guide covers the benefits of following a WFPB diet and the myths relating to energy, protein, iron, zinc and calcium intakes.The book then goes on to cover the dietary requirements for a healthy active lifestyle.

Plant-based meal plans 4 running


Nutritionally balanced meal plans are included in the book to help you to build daily diet plans which match your own personal tastes and training needs.